10 Year Anniversary

August 2001 marks when Mohamed Al Geziry Consultancy first opened its door to the industry providing personalised consultancy services.After 10 years of commitment to providing exemplary service, it is now time to celebrate the past while launching the future.
A decade of memories, Sharing moments.
MAGC remembers its first days as an organisation inspired by its Founder’s passion for the industry, which was his life for the previous 25 years. With Dubai’s vision to be one of the Leading Tourism Destinations in the world, and Mr. Al Geziry’s knowledge of the Hospitality and Tourism industry in the region, it became the motivation that lead him to launch this firm.

A decade of commitment, An assured result.
MAGC has played a significant role as a contributor to the development and growth of the region’s Hospitality Industry over the past 10 years.

Highlighted through its achievements in the following projects:
Strategy Development
Tourist Accommodation Classification Development
Tourism Consultancy
Hospitality Consultancy
Destination Marketing
A decade of Trust, An infinite promise to you
MAGC would have not managed to reach its rapid growth and success over the past 10 years had it not been for the trust you put into our organization and the confidence you had in our skills and abilities

A decade in Business,Over a Century in Experience.
MAGC has built its reputation through its team’s exceptional and diverse skills & knowledge. Carried out each day with passion & commitment, our team continuously ensures that nothing short of quality and innovative ideas are delivered to you, our clients.