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Vice Chairman

Co-founder of the Consultancy, Alia Abou Alwan was an important part of her Husband's Hotel Life for over 30 years, involved in many aspects of being the perfect host including welcoming Royalty and Dignitaries from around the world.

Born in Kuwait and educated in Lebanon, Alia lived most of her life in Dubai, where she began her professional career at the Dubai Petroleum Company in 1968 to then move to the Commercial Bank of Dubai as the first and youngest Ladies' Bank Manageress in the world - a great experience filmed by the BBC's documentary "Women Behind the Veil".

From there, Alia moved to London to work as the Private Secretary for H.E. the UAE Ambassador for 4 Years. She then came back to manage a jewelry and silver exclusive outlet in Dubai that also sold top quality French China and Crystal at a time where no other outlet in the region offered such quality artifacts.

Prior to co-founding the consultancy, Alia also organized many antique exhibitions in Dubai for 10 years with the Vice Chairman of “Lapada” (London Antique Dealers Association) and the famous “Sotheby” Auction that took place at the Dubai World Trade Center.

She is a natural communicator and a perfect public relations personality that is capable of communicating with almost any one, she is your perfect host.

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