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Financial Controller

Qualified in Egypt, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce - majoring in Accounting from Ain Shams University, Hassan has over 20 years experience in the fields of Finance and Accounting holding several positions in different industries both in Cairo and Dubai.

Prior to joining Mohamed Al Geziry Consultancy as the Internal Auditor, Hassan worked as an Accountant for a Multinational Company in Cairo and continued his career working for the Food Industries Company for seven years as an Accountant before being promoted to Internal Auditor. He later joined a tourism company, a subsidiary of the Export Development Bank of Egypt Corporation where he served as Internal Auditor for eleven years before assuming the position of Chief Accountant.

Currently in his capacity as Financial Controller, Hassan oversees the financial activities, book-keeping and implements financial controls within the Consultancy in addition to preparing financial reports, budgets and financial forecasts on a regular basis.

His last position as the Financial Controller of Mohamed Al Geziry Consultancy which he held for seven years in addition to more than 26 years of diversified experience within the fields of Finance and Accounting, have equipped him with the knowledge and skills that enable him to provide expert advice and consultancy on the financial activities of the whole organization in his current capacity as Financial Consultant. 

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