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Vice Chairman

Noor Al Geziry: A constant quest for the new and unexplored!

An expert in successfully planning and managing projects and events from inception to implementation, Noor has an innate ability to bring people and ideas together. She is a strategic person, that can conceptualize and look ahead - and is also a perfectionist who looks at the details and dives into the specifics. 

Noor has acquired extensive experience in research, bench marking and developing quality standards, amongst others, while working on the development of several Quality Standard Schemes over the years with the company.

Her passion for challenge and her interest in exploration have earned her various work opportunities in different fields over the past years. These include Brand Management & Design, Marketing & Events, Real Estate & Development, and Government Leadership Development & Training.

Now in her capacity as Vice Chairman, Noor oversees the Consultancy's entire operations and provides the team with the support that encourages self development, sought after results and achieved targets. 


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